Hi, I'm sure this might have been covered at some point, but as I'm relatively new around here, I wondered if anyone had any pointers for me.
I've just finished my novel and I'm ready for the - what appears to be very painful - task of submitting it to assorted editors. I'm fine with all the pointers about the letter of introduction and those first two or three chapters, but the task of preparing a page (or two) of synopsis for the book is giving me some headaches.
I've read various articles of advice on it, and many people saying it's almost as hard a job as writing the damn book, but none in regards to crime fiction, which generally involves quite complex plotting.
I'm having a hell of a time trying to compact any description of my novel down into a page.
Does anyone have any thoughts on what to include/exclude, how much of the characterisation to cover etc? At rthe moment I'm writing the synopsis long and trying to whittle it away, sentence by sentence!
I'd be mighty grateful!

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My advice is don't worry too much about style.
It will sound stilited and dull. It can't possibly include the richness of your characters or the complexity of your book. It will make the ending look pathetic and conventional - or worse - a gimmick.
Just intoroduce your MC in a couple of lines - and yes millions will begin - divorced middle aged cop with a drink problem and demons from the past!!!! Then tell the bare bones of the story.
And remember, once you've bagged your agent you won't have to do this again.
HB x


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