I've updated CrimeSpace to use the latest version of Ning's software. There are a number of minor tweaks to the interface that shouldn't need explanation, but there are also a few new features that are pretty nifty.

  • Members can now change the layout of their member page. It's pretty easy, you just have to drag around the titles of the various boxes.
  • The forum has had a number of enhancements, including more viewing options and a clearer layout.
  • More sorting options for the member list. This can make it easier to find someone or stumble onto someone new.
  • Generally improved legibility. Now you can stop using that second pair of glasses.

The update seems to have worked without a hitch, but if you have any problems, drop me a line or hit the Report An Issue link at the bottom of any page.

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Daniel: My Page seems to have changed on its own! Everything has moved around to different locations and everything is now HUGE. Typing this message to you right now, the font appears to be about size 16 or 18. And the "Your page as others see it" has disappeared. Do I need to re-edit everything now? What controls the size of the font when sending messages or posts?

The font sizes have changed quite a bit, but once you hit Add Reply, it adjusts to a suitable size. I think the idea is to make sure that everything is dead easy to read at all times. Might take a bit of getting used to.

The new member page layout is a default option. Feel free to drag things around by the title bar to rearrange.

I'll have to look into the "You Page As Others See It" issue. Maybe Ning just thought it wasn't needed or maybe you see pretty much what everyone else sees already.

But first, I'm off to bed. It's sleepy time here Down Under. :)
Daniel: Looking at it further, I guess it's OK. The font size in a final, published message was normal, and apparently everything being so much bigger must be part of the new readability feature? I'll play around with it some more and let you know if I am having any real issues.
We seem to have lost the categories in the forum.
I would have preferred that the changes not muck with my page.
Nothing fits in my standard widow width any more without horizontal scroll bars.
I fail to see how any of this improves anything.
The categories are still in the forum, you just have to choose a different view in the top right.

With the other changes, I don't have control over them, it's all just part of the Ning update.

What size screen do you have? The width of the screen layout hasn't changed so I'm wondering why you're getting scroll bars.
I see the categories again. As to scroll bars, I just have my browser set to a comfortable width, I hate maximized windows. But things are just different enough to notice. Then there is my page, stuff got scrambled all over the place (old left is now center, old center is now left. Who moved my cheese?). I was comfortable with how it was and I have not found a way to put them back.


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