For those of you who use the Music Player on the front page of CrimeSpace, you'll know that up until now, it's been a player for Angie's In For Questioning podcast.

The reason I chose to keep the one podcast there for so long is that I couldn't find a reliable service for adding multiple podcasts, but also because Angie has done a cracker of a job in interviewing many authors who also happen to be CrimeSpace members.

And she has purple hair. I like that.

But now that there are a growing number of crime fiction related podcasts, Seth Harwood has helped me out in setting the music player up to aggregate a selection of podcasts of my own choosing.

Currently, I have added all the podcasts from the Resources page, but if anyone has any more they think would be relevant, then drop me a line here or leave a link on the Resources page and I'll add it.

But only if the podcaster's got purple hair.

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Hi Daniel:

How about my podcast, NETDRAG? Of the three episodes publsihed so far, two have featured CrimeSpace authors, and Episode #4, due out Thursday, will have another crimeSpace author, Eric Stone, as my guest.

NETDRAG, Crime Fiction Podcast
I've already added that one to the Music Player, I'll make sure to add it to the Resources page too, K.R. did? Well, then thank you very much, Daniel. Guess I didn't see it there. Now just how in the hell am I going to get this purple dye out of my hair?
Ah, just hide it with your hat. You'll be fine. ;)
Lots and lots of shampoo...

And maybe another dye job to a more, um, sedate color choice.



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