Love these books. There is a but coming. I got one the other day off Ebay which i haven't opened yet! Have to keep one back, that you don't read. Right. Like an Agatha Christie novel, you always keep one back 4 a rainy day. So if anyone likes Bill Pronzini and Agatha Christie, lets talk.

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Well, Pronzini's a recent discovery of mine and, needless to say, I'm hooked. I think it's mainly because my writing style's rather similar to his (not that I'm anywhere NEAR as good). Curious if you've seen the old book of short-shorts he released in '88 called Small Felonies? It's a great way to see how his confidence/style has just managed to improve and improve and improve over time. Gives me hope for my stuff.

As far as Agatha, I actually read her when I was a wee lad living in England (seemed the right place and time), but have yet to pick up her stuff since returning stateside. I think I'm more inclined toward Poirot, but I'd love to see a darker variation of a Miss Marple character show up in some modern writer's stuff. Always seemed like an interesting slant to go with to me. Feel free to run with the idea...




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