writing is an unhealthy occupation. when i'm deep in a project i don't eat right or exercise, and now years of neglect are catching up with me. I know a writer who started ordering meals from seattle sutton. he lost weight and felt better. i've also heard of people setting a timer so that they have to get up and move around every hour. anybody else have any tips?

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You know, I was just thinking about how sedentary and out of shape I am just this week when after years of it behaving my sciatica has returned. Damn! I used to take a jazz dance class years ago, but I'm not doing that again. It's either pilates or yoga for old people this go round or maybe aSweating Oldies tape (as opposed to Sweating to the Oldies). It's a shame when you can't even keep up with Richard Simmons anymore. ;(
Yoga! It gets the lymph system flowing, even with our sedentary occupation. Every hour or so, just do a pose that feels good! It's also a good way to clear and refresh the mind every hour, what with the conscious breathing!

Okay, now to read all these fabulous tips! Great discussion!


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