I've just gotten my first request to do a cover blurb from a relatively new author with a short history of pubbed books. With this person actually having books on the shelves (more than I can say), I'm not sure what kind of help I'll be. But I definitely know how hard it is to ask for blurbs so I'm inclined to have a go at it for the experience.

What advice would you give a first time blurber? I'm waiting on a quick overview and the publisher name before I commit.

I'm the type of person who nurtures and encourages fellow authors, so I'd look for the positives in the project, but what if I really don't like it? How hard should I look for those positives? (Gosh, I really like how you numbered the pages...one right after the other)

Should I have concerns on endorsing the book or just enjoy the fact that anyone cares what the hell I think? :)

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You could always give them their "readability stats." (Running for cover in another dimention/discussion)
I once had a friend ask for a blurb. This was someone I'd known for years. We'd traveled and roomed together at conferences. I read the manuscript and ended up telling her I couldn't give her a blurb, mainly because the book wasn't like anything I would write or read. Years later I still feel horrible about turning her down. She took it well, but our relationship isn't the same.
When my book came out, my press asked me to blurb another author's book, and I agreed because I was trying to be cooperative. The book was awful-- a gay romance between two indentured servants in Colonial Virginia. Even the sex scenes were terrible. I agonized over how to say something positive; I knew if I said I what I really thought they wouldn't be happy and my name wouldn't appear on the book.

My solution: "American History was never like this in high school!" Absolutely true, and something I could stand behind saying.
LOL Thanks for the laugh,Neil. You're a good man.
Hey Kiddo,

I will be asking you for a blurb soon---and, what I would suggest.

You may be pissin' blood by the time you finish, WHOO??---but, it will be well worth it.

I would only blurb a book I actually enjoy. So forget it okay, sorry I asked. Chee---I'm recovering...
You're such a sensitive guy, Denny. :)
There is a way to not hurt anyone's feelings, or at least minimise the damage: the "I'll do my best to blurb your book, but I'm snowed under right now, so apologies in advance if I don't get round to it." (which is often true)

That way if you read it and hate it, you can just say you never got the time... A small white lie, but better than being told "There's no way in hell I want my name associated with your book."
I have decided to read the book and blurb if I can. Thanks to everyone for their input here.

There may come a point in the future when I won't have the time to do every request, but it will go against the grain of my nature to turn anyone down, even then. I'd rather be like Neil who finds something to say,even when it might be a challenge. Kudos again, Neil.

Beyond this publishing industry stuff and any reputation I think I'm building, it comes down to how I choose to reach out to other human beings who are taking a similar journey. I was published as a result of a best selling author reading my debut book. And when I tried to thank her, she told me to show my appreciation by helping someone else when I had the clout to do it. The 'pay it forward' concept is one I live by and hope I will always do.
I said I would write my own blurbs, I just gotta use your name. The real one, HA!

He crowed maniacally as he drenched himself in ethanol as he was 'feeling corny.'

I'm a little better today, I have been able to sit for a bit.

'Pay it forward'---there are a lot of wonderful writers who will do just that.

Thanks, Jordan
Write your own blurbs, huh? Well, it doesn't get any easier than that. You're a low maintenance kind of guy. Who knew?

Glad you are feeling better. I almost mailed you a bowl of my Mom's chicken soup. It always works.

Get better soon, buddy.
Hey, where ya' been? It's been ages. I try not stay on the keys too long at once...for that is the reason for my latest angst.

I will expect to blurb you in the future, Jordan.

"I found the paper of the highest mid-range quality. The ink---although it did nothing for the compsition, was legible when read...
And what about my font choice? Superb...


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