I've just gotten my first request to do a cover blurb from a relatively new author with a short history of pubbed books. With this person actually having books on the shelves (more than I can say), I'm not sure what kind of help I'll be. But I definitely know how hard it is to ask for blurbs so I'm inclined to have a go at it for the experience.

What advice would you give a first time blurber? I'm waiting on a quick overview and the publisher name before I commit.

I'm the type of person who nurtures and encourages fellow authors, so I'd look for the positives in the project, but what if I really don't like it? How hard should I look for those positives? (Gosh, I really like how you numbered the pages...one right after the other)

Should I have concerns on endorsing the book or just enjoy the fact that anyone cares what the hell I think? :)

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"What the font?" he muttered aloud.

"This shit is really good---you should read it. Oprah fucked up. Why she left it off her top one megazillion greatest pieces of prose ever written is beyond me."

"The old blue-eyed wonderess has done it again. Spun a woven weave of snarled up skein, knotted in her own labyrinth of tangled up ravel.

"By Jove," added Sir Hillary atop the mountain. "It's a Chinese Puzzle, a snafu, and a real fuck-up."
Dennis---Seriously. Lay off the meds, my friend. Back away from the medicine cabinet. Muscle relaxants are NOT your friend.
Have you ever tried one a those horse tranquillizers that were popular in the late sixties? They're okay while you're using them, but---whee! Did you notice that I just finished out of the money at The Preakness on Saturday???


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