Well, my book will be out in October, so I'm scheduled for two book festivals in New Orleans in November (New Orleans Book Festival and the Faulkner Words and Music Festival), and the Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge. That's great, but as you may already know the whole purpose of my tour and selling the book is to raise money and awareness of the need to rebuild the public libraries of New Orleans - my town, and yes, 100% Cajun here. All the royalties from the sale of my book goes to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation .Do any of you have experience with getting the word out on things like this; it would help all of us who have books we want to market and will do so in the future.
Thanks.....Lyn LeJeune - The Beatitudes Network, Rebuilding the public libraries of New Orleans
www.beatitudesinneworleans.blogspot.com. I just posted one of my favorite Cajun recipes.

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Thanks, Margot. I will take your suggests and work on them. It is very intensive work; much harder than writing the book. If you ever have a minute, you can look at my blog www.beatitudesinneworleans.blogspot.com and see the program I am offering. So far it's just me; I do a 45 min. lecture, read from the book, then questions.
There's a Fetival of the Book in Virginia. Is that yours? It is a big one.
Authors would appreciate help with publicity. Maybe a week or two before the event the library can put information our to patrons, and in the newspapers, chamber of commerce and if the book is of particular interest to a group like gardeners, perhaps the librarian or PR people can give the author that information so that information can be emailed or mailed.
Wow....what you are doing is wonderful and needed. I was president of a Friends in North Carolina a few years ago and it was so enjoyable. We had a bookstore and that's mostly what we did. There was a big "fight" in the country about building a new library, where it would go, who would pay. I guess making a library so political was a little weird to me.
Have a good read. Lippman is great


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