Okay, let's have some fun. Here are three prompts. It's up to you to complete the simile:

Skinny as...

Flat as...

Angry as...

Looking forward to seeing some original and funny ones!

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Off the top of my head:

She was as skinny as Nicole Richie after a weekend of diet pills and a carton of Ex-Lax.

Jack's hope for redemption was nil, as flat as the Kansas skyline.

Roger was as angry as a methed-up bobcat with a toothache.
I especially liked the bobcat, Harry. Very nice.
Skinny as a motivated Ghandi.

Flat as Midwestern vowel.

Angry as Cheney with a rash.

That's the best I can do after a very long day. I'm as tired as a hooker at the tail end of Fleet Week.
Or maybe flat as a hooker on Fleet Week, LOL!
Eliza knew she was skinny. Her mama used to tell her, "Girl, you just a slip cover for your bones. I swear you the only girl in Filo County who could come late to Easter Service and just pick up someone's bible if you needs a place to sit."

She hailed from Filo Couny, Nebraska, a place so flat that the souvenir post cards at Alston's Drug Store appeared to be empty frames. On a good day Daddy said you could see tomoorw com'n. Eliza guessed tomorrow wasn't much to look at.

The day she stepped over the county line, Eliza was as angry as the fresh welt rising under her left eye.

"Good bye, Filo County. I hope the winds and the rain take the summer off so's that you crack and peal til there ain't noth'n show'n here, but the rafters of Hell."
the rafters of hell...very nice.
Thanks. I started with the "devil's attic," but went for the drama.
Cool that you put yours in a storyline, Karyn. Love it!
Karyn this is hoot to read...out loud. I love it
Skinny as Robert Plant when he could still sing.
Flat as the notes he's pumping out now.
Angry as Jimmy Page for having to do another album with Robert.

Actually, I'm just kidding about all this. I love the Zep in all its incarnations.
I love Zep too, Daniel. They were definitely a lot phatter when Bonham was still around, though.
[insert tongue firmly in cheek]

Skinny as the plot of some bestsellers.

Flat as the after-effects of reading some bestsellers

Angry as a reader stuck in a room full of bestsellers.

[/insert tongue firmly in cheek]

[duck for cover]


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