Street View by Google (No, you're not paranoid. Somebody is watching.)

What a great tool for stalking research.

Google Maps now offers something called Street View, or actual photographs of the buildings and activity on a given street, though not in real time.

The geographic areas covered are pretty limited . . . for the moment.

(Signing off now. Must find tinfoil helmet.)

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Now we "can" actually write about things and places we know nothing about. That old creative writing teacher got it wrong.
Hey, Harry! I can see your house from here!
Do they say how old the images are? I mean, I know the copyright says 2007, but I just went to my neighborhood and saw that the images have to be at least a couple of years old... my neighbor's garage is not there (built 2-3 years ago) and one of the community centers is (torn down about 2 years ago). Can't say I'm too worried!
Very cool! I saw some great shots of Miami. Now, if they'd just add Hawaii I'd be totally set.


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