After I finished the second edit to one of my chapters, I read it and I realized the scene is all wrong. I don't think they would disturb the body. Anyway, here's a brief description of it:

It's mid November, eastern shore of the US. A corpse is found near a beach area. It hasn't snowed in 4 days yet the body has a cover of snow on it.

How would they process the scene? Would they photograph the scene and collect physical evidence without touching the body? Bag the body, take it to the morgue, and let it "melt" in a controlled environment so they don't destroy trace evidence?

Any law enforcement or forensic pathologists out there??

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Thanks Joyce. I belong to a group similar to the one you suggested whose membership include retired professionals in the field. I posted my question there too and am waiting for a response. Thanks for your comment! I'll check the sites you mentioned too and will let you know what I find out. :)


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