While Crimespace is devoted to discussions of crime fiction, there are certain things important to any writer which transcends genre: attracting new readers primary among them.

I've always been a firm believer in the importance of a writer establishing as close a relationship with readers and potential readers as time and circumstances allow. Any reader or prospective reader who takes the time to contact me always gets a personal response. Without readers, the writer is nothing, so a little courtesy goes a long way.

I also believe that a prospective reader is far more prone to picking up a book by a writer he/she feels he/she knows on a personal level than a book by a total stranger.

To that end I have several blogs as well as a website. And after finishing a personal project of scanning 70 years of family photos into my computer, it occurred to me that I don't recall ever having seen a writer's blog consisting of photos from his or her life. What better way for a reader to get to know a writer?

So I've started a photoblog...Dorien Grey: A Life in Photos, at http://www.doriengreyphotolife.blogspot.com, inviting prospective readers to join me on a visual as well as a written journey through this one writer's life.

Each entry consists of one photo with a brief, casual paragraph of explanation, and I intend to add a new one every day or so, but often enough to hopefully have people coming back.

Have you had any experience with any other writer photoblogs? In any case, I'd be interested to hear what you think of the idea. And perhaps it may give you an idea of your own.

Though I regret that I don't have the time to visit Crimespace as often as I would like, you can reach me direct at doriengrey@gmail.com

Best Regards,


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I have mixed feelings about how much of my life I choose to share with my readers. But on one of my blogs, I will periodically post photos of my ancestors and invite my readers to write their blog entry. It is one of the most popular activities on my blog and always draws readers.
I like postings pictures from conventions and events I go to more than anything else. I will also be posting pictures from places of interest I have visted soon on my site. I think posting pics is a good idea, but not all writers are into putting them out there for just anyone to see.


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