Okay. I'm looking for representation right now, and as part of my due diligence, I put together a rather extensive Excel spreadsheet of potential agents. My list has approximately 60 agents who represent authors in the suspense/thriller arena. As far as I have been able to determine, all of them are currently accepting unsolicited queries. I have included as much pertinent information as possible on each agent/agency. I just want to throw this out there and see if someone else can benefit from the fruits of my labor. Good luck to all!

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I'm looking for an good agent. Someone will a verifiable track record.
Scott, I am computer challenged, where can I find your list? I am published, the books comes out in March '08, and I still can't get representation. Maybe after the reviews? I'd like to compare our lists.
Hey Scott,
Ok I know I am really tired since I have been up for the past 22 hours, but I don't see the list your talking about? Is it in this post or do I have to ask you for a copy? I would appreciate getting a hold of the information if your still sharing.
Thanks Michael,
Oh and I am sending you an evite as a friend.
Sorry, everyone, it got zapped somehow. You can find it on my website:



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