October "Bookworms blog carnival" has some good selections; marketing idea?

The October Bookworms carnival was hosted by Kristin and had a macabre enough focus that I thought the group here might want to check it out (books that keep you up at night).

Note to authors/bloggers: My friend Walter at HIGHLIGHT Health gets about 4-6 THOUSAND hits a day (it is an amazing site). He suggested that I submit posts to blog carnivals to help build up readership (after two months, I have about 15-20 readers per day on my book blog and, after one month, about 20-60 per day on my environmental blog). Looking at the daily trends, I have to conclude that people read my environmental blogs from work, not home.

Anybody using IP adresss logging as a way of establishing or breaking alibis?

Anyway, and to the point, several authors (of thrillers, mysteries, etc.) posted chapters or sections of books to this particular blog carnival. Sooo, it might appeal to some as yet another marketing technique (I'm into shameless self-promotion, even for work I get paid to do). These carnival things can apparently be somewhat viral- a little attention can turn into a lot. Two weeks ago I didn't know what a blog carnival was. Now I'm in 20 of them (at least I've applied to be in 20).

This was just a "thought for the day". Oh, and since it is still the 15th of Oct (by 15 min in the Midwest), please consider reading something on the environment. I have some posts on both blogs, but read from elsewhere if you prefer- let's just have a moment of reading for the environment! I encourage people to read things that they don't agree with on this occasion, because it is too comfortable to converse only with those already converted to our own way of thinking. Environmental issues need to be handled in ways that stand up to scrutiny and controversy, short-term and long-term.

Having co-opted this space for a moment by remembering what day it is, let's get back to our real purpose!

Anyone up for a good murder? I'm planning an article on "Just How Funny Should Murder Be?" and one on "From Russia With Love- Arkady Renko and Martin Cruz Smith".

Peace, love and mayhem! Jim

p.s. As another add for little blue pills scrolls by on Outlook,

I'd love to see a novel about the murder of spammers and hackers

(I'd settle for one or the other). Any takers?

I'd be happy to exhibit some highly realistic rage on the subject if anyone is interested in a little free background material. In fact, we could even add (some) corporate and university IT czars to the hit list.

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