So my first book, which I wrote with the intention of starting a series, is being read by an agent right now, and I find myself wondering: do those of you who write series start the next in line before the current one is published?  If so, what happens if your editor sends it back and wants major plot changes (that affect the next book)?


If you don't start the next book while waiting for the first one to be published, what do you do with yourself while you wait?


Just curious how it all works.



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I didn't wait for anyone.  By the time I found an agent, I had four books finished.  I cannot imagine what changes would derail Book 2.  Generally, they ask for cutting and possibly shifting.  Most of the time, they don't bother with that sort of editing and send the book directly to copy editing.

Well, that's nice to know! Guess I have no excuse to procrastinate anymore, then...


Nope.  :)

Based on everything I know and have heard, continue on with the next book as IJ suggests. You have some momentum built up, and the last thing you want to have happen is for an agent or editor to say, "I love this! Do you have anything else like it?" and you have to say "no" for no reason other than you just didn't do it.

Remember, they might be looking for someone who is more than a one trick pony. If you've established your voice and world, that's what they'll buy for a series. The stories can always be adjusted.

Yes, write the next book. You'll probably find that any changes requested by the ultimate editor on the first book won't affect the second book THAT much. And after the first book sells, you'll be busy getting your promotion feet wet, so you'll be glad you have that second book already drafted.
Promotion?  Doesn't work.  Best keep writing.

Well, here's hoping my publisher (whoever it turns out to be) won't be depending on me for too much of that. I'm social napalm. Much better behind the keyboard than in front of it, and prefer it back here anyway.

Maybe I can talk them into a whole "reclusive writer" thing. Hmm... I wonder how I could pitch that, to sell it...

LOL! I feel you. We all wanna be the reclusive writer like it used to be but the truth is you will have to do promotion, at least online. I am not saying the pub will make you. I am saying that it will be expected because no publisher promotes 100% these days. Some pubs don't even send out review copies for authors anymore. It depends on what publisher you get with. Some do more than others but none of them will promote you too heavily these days. Even the big publishers only promote the top percentage of their authors. Most are on their own. So you'll have to promote actively to give your book any kind of chance.


But that's another thing not to worry about yet. Just keep writing.


I agree with the others - get on with it! Lol. If you have ideas for future stories, start writing. Good luck!

Yep you keep writing no matter what. The second book in my series is coming out January (Pub changed it from December just yesterday). Anyway I already have two more books in the series completed. I am now revising and editing the one that will most likely be the third then I will start on the fourth in the series. I should have at least two releases next year for this series. Point being, I am  loving this series and I am just going on with it no matter what happens. I don't know what's down the road and I am not worrying about it.


Don't worry about things that haven't happened yet. I know it's difficult but that will only stress you out. If you do get accepted by an agent or editor (and I wish you much success and hope it works out!) there might not be massive changes. These days an editor will most likely pass if they want changes that are that big. Once an editor accepts a manuscript then sure you might have to make some changes but usually it's not massive and if it is they will let you know probably before they even accepted the work. Don't even worry about that right now. LOL! Keep writing that series and whatever happens, you'll be able to deal with it and will have the time to.

Don't stress. Keep writing and worry about other stuff later. A writer is always writing something.


Also the publishing industry is extremely slow. If you waited to hear back from agents or editors before writing something new then you'll never have anything else written. It could take forever for this agent to even get back to you if they even do so don't waste time not writing.


Best Wishes!

Ditto on their slowness.  That has been one of biggest pains in the entire experience.
I have three in a series, and one stand alone finished and am still looking for an agent. Don't wait, write!


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