Hey folks,

As you may be aware, Ning.com, the company who provides the servers and service for Crimespace to run on, charge an annual fee.

The fee is $USD 239.90, and although I do receive donations at times, I'm well short of that target this year. Most years I've been a little short but I don't run this for profit so it's not usually a problem.

So please consider making a donation towards the running costs if you use and enjoy Crimespace. There's a donation box at the bottom of the front page. Any amount is welcome.

Thanks to everyone who has donated along the way, it's much appreciated.

Daniel Hatadi aka Crimespace Creator

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I can't figure out how to donate; I get an error message. Send me your address. My email is:
Suzanne Wells

Thanks, Suzanne. I've sent you an email directly about this.

It’s been several years since I’ve logged on...absolutely shameful of me!...I wonder if email updates have been going to my junk mail? No matter, this message reached me and I am absolutely dismayed! I do not have much to spare but I shall be happy to chip in what I can. I wonder if you have considered switching over to a free platform? I know it would feel like a bit of a step down but I would hate to see such a wonderful writers resource close down for lack of funds. Perhaps a fundraising mag through MagCloud? Just throwing some ideas out!

Please excuse the horrific grammar as I type on the run! Best of luck with raising the full amount, and I’m so glad your email got through and very hopeful you will remain open!

Kindest Regards 

Alison Pearce


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