I've just made a book trailer, and I've been planting it about the internet. I noticed that on Crimespace, it's only had two views, and those are both from me. It's done rather better elsewhere.

My question to authors and readers is, do you think book trailers help to sell a book? Have you ever bought a book because it had an irresistible trailer? And how do you promote the trailer so that it gets a chance to promote your book?

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"yeah" Well they get noticed on the 'other sites' more than on the Ning ones. Which is what I stated in the first place.
Wow, that's a freaking ton of work Brian. Kudos to you or marketing yourself that well. You must enjoy it.
I view trailers. I bought Creepers by David Morrell because of his trailer from Expanded Books. In case you're interested in viewing it: Creepers
Checked it out. It's a filmed interview. Too long for my taste, and the images aren't quite right (not art deco).
spoil sport. LOL
Well, it sold a book. That's commendable. :)
I think trailers have lost much of their effectiveness as marketing tools because they are so prevalent now. Personally, I only watch trailers if an author I know makes one, or if a friend posts another author's trailer on their fb page. I generally don't seek them out on group sites like this.

I liked yours, but it's the cover more than the trailer that would make me pick up your book. Which, by the way, I'll be looking for next time I'm at the bookstore. :)
I think it's a personal thing. I find that many of my readers respond to the various book teasers or trailers that I create. To me it's just another marketing aid and letting readers know about the books. Promoting them on websites is important as there are new readers constantly coming onto groups etc.,
So to me, along with the cover, reviews, extracts, they form part of an overall, ongoing promotional campaign and being published by a small press I feel this is important.
To me, this is new territory. I've never made a trailer and am still very hesitant about how I might go about doing something like making a youtube video when my lap top does not have a built in web cam, but I feel I am getting closer to knowing...this is good preparatory material.

I have a book out there, but have yet to figure out to get it to reach that 'tipping point' so that people start buying it. At the same time I am also submitting it to traditional publishers hoping to help it to get somewhere.
Miriam, you don't need a webcam. You can make a simple trailer like mine with Windows Live Movie Maker, free to download.

And it's a lot of fun.
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