Who here has made a trailer for their book? I started playing around with one this morning, and I'm surprised that it's actually fun.

I have 2 questions:

1. How do you legally add music? Is there a web source for music that's okay to use, or is there a good way to get permission to use someone's music?

2. How helpful have you found it to have a trailer? Has it impacted your marketing in a strong positive way, or have you found it a waste of time and creative energy?

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I've made trailers. Yes, it's fun. There are many places online to get free music. Always remember, you get what you pay for ;) Chances are your publisher will put up enough money for music rights. Photo rights are another issue if you aren't taking the pictures or shooting the video yourself.

My trailers have not been helpful at all and have been a waste of time, but a you say, they're fun.

Last week there were awards handed out for "Beest and Worst Book Trailers:"
Here's my trailer. Cost me a bundle, but I think it'll sell some books.

If you need a new trailer, this guy can get you a good deal:

That's really funny. Maybe I should dress up my family and get them to smoke and make that a book trailer.
That guy is fucking awesome. Reminds me of home.
There's one book I bought after watching the trailer. I might have bought it anyway, but the trailer gave it some character, so it clinched the decision. The book wasn't one of my favorites though.
Just made mine. It's over in the blog section and on my CrimeSpace page. Made it using free photos and music (and I do mean free, I made very sure of that). Also downloaded iMovie 3 for free from Apple's iMovie site. It's an old version, but I didn't need anything too fancy.

I'm not expecting it to make or break the book. What it does is put the book in front of people who would not have seen it otherwise. What better way to market to the millions of people on YouTube?

It also offers a fast impression for the reader. Sure, I put up sample chapters. Those take time, though. A reader on the fence isn't going to invest 10 minutes decide if they like me. On the other hand, a video trailer only takes a minute or two to consume. If they like the trailer, they'll probably go on to the sample chapters.
Your trailer's great. I've been browsing book trailers all day (this is turning into a pretty cool way to spend a hungover Sunday), and yours has style and edge. I like your zoom in and out effects with the images...it makes it look like someone's holding a camera, and feels more immediate. Def. doesn't smack of low-budget--thanks for pointing me there.
I used a site called animoto.com and got a mix of photos free and paid for (not much). I'm not sure how useful the trailers are. I was limited to :30 for free use of the site and music., so all I have are images and little text. If I had a full minute I'd add teaser 'jacket copy' style info.

BLEEDER trailer:

VIPER trailer: (this book isn't out yet but I made this to motivate myself):

These are really cool. When you say motivate yourself, do you mean to finish writing the sequel, or get it published?!
1. To legally add music I use: www.activeden.net they have a music site there to buy music or www.istockphoto.com, it started out as a photo site and now artists add music.

2. Helpful? Yes and sometimes no. Most times on these web sites there's mostly kids who like to play around on youtube but other times, there's that interested party who silently leaves your trailer to actually buy your book. But you're never sure it's because of the trailer because they don't comment! But I keep making them anyway because it's a form of promotion and if I can get one extra person then it's worth it.

Waste of time? No.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoHDdvTlGOI -my very first trailer, also a very wrong trailer because of all the copyright infringement so I did more since then -I made this trailer when I was in college

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59ZnPx6hKr4 - one of my later better trailers, properly done, lol

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMpjoe7ZLHk - and here's another one - it's pretty long
wow. very professional--here's hoping you never got sued over the first one!

You and the others who have left comments and links have inspired me to download some trial software that can do more than Windows movie maker. (My mean husband told me no I cannot borrow his Mac, so I had to get resourceful.)

My guess is your trailers have sold some books, but you're right: who knows?


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