I've recently moved my website, and I'm trying to get my tracking software set up for it. Unfortunately, I don't get many hits, especially on weekends, so I'm here to beg for people to go 'hit' it, so I can see if my tracking program is work. If you're online and have a minute, please stop by:




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Yep, it's working.
Done, Minerva.
Hi Minerva, I just went to your site as requested, and left a comment on your post where you say you've gone back to Blogger after trying WordPress. Me, I'm a big WordPress fan, though it's the only system I've ever tried. Hope you and others will visit. I've just reached 40,000 hits, so appreciate your concern with tracking.

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Reciprocity. I visit you, you visit me. CorneliusButterfield.com Win-Win! I'll go first...


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