I live in a small town in a remote part of West Wales UK, where sheep greatly out number the human inhabitants. There are remote farms in the hills, and a near by village is describes as 'Deliverance' without the banjos. I'd rather write about Louisiana but as I've never been there, probably not a good idea. I just love James Lee Burke and Tammy Hoag. Could a novel set here interest readers. I love novels with a strong sense of place.

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Hi Eve.
Any progress? Keep us informed.

Coming from a small town originally Ive attempted to use its possibilities a couple of times and currently have two half developed novels laying around awaiting revival. An outside catalyst is the way i went both times.
Im amazed no-one (Adrian excepted) mentioned the possibility of an "outsider/interloper" arriving in the small town. Ala Michael Caine (Get Carter) or Dustin Hoffman (Straw Dogs) style. Mixed in with some big city action this may increase its "saleability" in agents eyes.

Ive just had to delete a paragraph before posting which virtually gave away the plot and ending of one of my WIP's.

So how much progress have you made? If any?


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