This was originally a broadcast message to all members, but I've been told that not everyone received it, possibly thanks to over-zealous spam filters.

At the suggestion of one of our members, I have recently put together a CrimeSpace online bookstore. It's built by a little helper tool at Amazon and as such only features books available there. Many
apologies to independent booksellers, but this is really the only
feasible way for me to put this together.

You can access the bookstore from the Store tab ( at the top of any of CrimeSpace's pages. My plan here is to give both
readers and writers an easy way to buy or read about books from
CrimeSpace's members, but I've also added a couple of other sections.

'Essentials' is a list of book recommendations taken from one of
CrimeSpace's early mammoth threads, and the 'Writing' section will be
filled with books I've read myself on the subject of writing crime
fiction, as well as any recommendations.

Of course, the main section is 'Members', which I will most probably
split up alphabetically to make it easier to navigate, as well as
adding a separate section for 'Anthologies'. I've taken the liberty of
trawling through member pages and adding books to the store myself, but
I got pretty damned tired after about a hundred books, so I'm hoping I
can pass that workload on to all the authors out there.

Readers can safely ignore the rest of this message.

What I need from each author who has their work available on Amazon is
their name, book title, and ASIN number. If it's an anthology, don't
worry about the name, I'll sort it by title. Just send me (Daniel
Hatadi, Creator Extraordinaire) a message on CrimeSpace like this, with
'CrimeSpace Bookstore' in the subject heading:

Name: Megan Abbott
Title: Bury Me Deep
ASIN: 1416599096

The ASIN number will sometimes be included in the Product Details of
your book's Amazon listing, or it may just be the ISBN-10 number in the
same section. Basically, it's the group of ten numbers and/or letters
in the book's URL.

I'd appreciate it if you test the number yourself by adding it to the end of this link and trying it out in a web browser:

For the example above, the link would be this:

Feel free to give me multiple titles, but try not to go overboard by
listing three billion e-book short stories. I'd like to make the
bookstore a fairly level playing field, so I may end up limiting the
number of books per author. For now, I'll leave it up to you as I don't
know exactly what data I'm going to end up with.

Also, remember that CrimeSpace is about crime fiction, not other genres, so only crime fiction will be included in the store.

To be completely transparent about this, any book purchased through the
store will earn me a 4% referral fee. It costs me $US20/month to
control the space on the right for the bookstore sample so I expect to
run it at a loss. If it bugs me too much I'll figure something else
out, but my point is that I don't expect to make money off this and
that's not why I run CrimeSpace anyway. I do it for the love (insert
cheesy wink here).

Feel free to ask me any questions or make suggestions, but don't be
surprised if I take a little while to get back to you. I'll be dealing
with a lot of messages over the next couple of weeks. And don't worry if the store jumps around a little in that period, it'll settle down soon.


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Thanks for doing this, Daniel. I did receive the e-mail but am glad for the reminder. You certainly deserve the referral fee, but I'm somewhat concerned about the Amazon connection and how much they already take. It's a worthy experiment, though.
Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso
Okay, I finally got my act together, along with those folks over at Amazon ... and I agree whole heartedly with Julie's comments ... I'd rather you got the lion's share of the fee but take what you can get.
Let us hope it all works out ... I tested things and it works! Wonderful ...
Sounds interesting. Will get my act together and send you book details. Thanks for doing this.

I'm new on crimespace and just found this thread. I will email you the info for my books as soon as I find your email! Thanks for the opportunity!

Dear Daniel, I sent you the details of my books a while back. Will they appear in The Store? Best and thanks, Tom

Thanks a lot for doing this.  I'll be looking out for new works as they crop up. Well done!


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