Does anyone know of a resource list of honest and competent editors who I could contact regarding an edit of my crime novel?  CrimeSpace seemed to be a good place to ask this question. 

thanks in advance!

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No, but a good idea might be to find out what editors indie authors that you admire are using.  Then get in touch with a few and see what they offer and which would work for you.

Good luck,

Jed Power

Excellent advice, thanks! 


Found lots of editors and some lists with a Google:

I love my freelance editor and have worked with her for years. She has a terrific rep in publishing and has worked with a mystery writer or two. Her name is Alice Peck ( I interviewed her for my blog, and you can read the interview here: Good luck!


Many thanks, Jack and EA!  

Any opinions on the usefulness of "Preditors and Editors?"  

I have found great Beta-Readers on Elance.  I know it sounds I bit odd, but if you post a job on Elance you'll get scores of responses at a variety of price points.  You should be clear on what you are looking for, i.e. story structure notes or a very careful copy edit.  I think it's better at the Beta Reading stage to hire a handful of folks at $50 a pop instead of one person at $300.  

What kind of edit are you talking about? Line-edit, proofreading, copy-edit? Are looking for someone who will tear your grammar and spelling apart, or do you want someone who'll point out plot holes?

Before you look for 'an editor', you might want to think about what kind of editor you're looking for. Also, many editors will edit a few pages for free to show what they're about.

I guess I'm lucky, among my beta-readers is are two different editors, as well as people specialized in law enforcement, firearms, medical and forensic experience, so I get a lot of useful feedback without the need to hire a editor.

Thanks, all! My wife is an excellent copy-editor because of her real job. And I hope to enlist a few beta readers who can both look for holes and give me feedback on authenticity. 

Without sounding critical, why post this question if you have connections with copy editors? I'd think if your wife is a copy-editor, you could've answered your own question, or am I wrong?

Hi, Martyn,

I was seeking some general opinions on the variety of editors that might be worthwhile, especially from the published/experienced participants in Crimespace. 


If you have a wife that is a copy-editor you are one lucky writer.

As far as Beta-Readers go, I know some people have good experiences with them, but I've been unable to find one that is good and interested in my genre.  I would like to.  Of course, I have a first reader who is very good but not really interested in my genre and that makes a big difference.

As far as editors go--get a professional one!  And that means one you pay.  Many editors can do most, if not all, of the tasks mentioned above.  If you are indie published and want to be proud of what you put out there, it will be the most worthwhile money you spend in this endeavor.  I can't say enough about the benefits of a good professional editor.  They often will help you in other areas besides editing, and you might even end up with not only a business associate but a friend as well.   

Thanks, Jed. Excellent advice!


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