At Crime City Central we're adding a monthly "first chapter" feature. Nov. 12 we kick off with the first chapter of Lucie Smoker's novel "Distortion."

Now I need submissions for the coming months. I've got one in pocket, and I've specifically asked an author for a December story. If I don't get hers, I'll be scrambling.

I need a first chapter for January, February and March 2013. I need them very soon so I can get them narrated! So who wants some free promotion?

Send submissions and inquiries to Cher, running2defend-at-yahoo-[dot]-com.

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I might be interested, but I'm not sure about the contact info.  Yahoo and I don't seem to be able to connect.

You can also reach me at crimecitycentral-at-gmail-dot-com, and use the subject line Submissions.


You can see all our bios on the staff page of our website at and you can hear this week's episode there or on Stitcher or iTunes.

Submission coming your way, Cher. Thanks for posting about this opportunity. You're producing quality podcasts.

Thank you! I love hearing that!


Cher,  Thanks for posting.  Are you still looking for submissions?  If so, are you interested in something from the military crime genre?


How about some pulp? Or maybe a suburban PI? They're both on the way.

Yes and yes, and I need horror short stories, too! Or horror first chapters.


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