I thought it would be interesting to start a thread about people's writing goals for the coming year. To start off I'll give you mine:


For 2011 I intend to write a minimum of 365,000 new words of fiction.

I believe this will take the form of four completed novel (between 60-90k each) and 14 short stories (avg. 6,000 each).


How about you. What are your writing goals for 2011? Let us know.


David DeLee

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Hi David


I'm considering self-pub also. I'm curious about cover art. How different was that to create for an epub format than the traditional print book?

Hi Jacqui,

Actually, for e-books I think it's easier. After some trial and error, you simply buy a photograph or artwork (make sure you read and understand the licensing agreements involved) from a royalty-free site. I use dreamtime.com and istockphoto.com a lot. Then I use powerpoint to add the text and create a jpeg cover image and upload that in accordance with the e-distributors specifications. You need to know or learn powerpoint as a min. and have some time to play around (but that's kind of fun) and you're set to go.

A lot easier than it sounds, I think. And, if I can do it, anyone can. My kids won't even let me handle the TV remote.

Good luck,

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny -- a Grace deHaviland novel

I self-pub'd a print book and had a lot of trouble getting the cover the right size. Is there that kind of problem for ebooks? I almost gave up!

No. It's much easier. The sites will accept a large array of sizes (within a set range--very easy to figure out) then they format them to the right size, and you don't need to worry about the back cover or binding--there aren't any.

I'm just starting to look into createspace for print books and am already intimidated by the formatting and cover issues. I'll get there but it looks like the learning curve is much steeper with print than E.

Good luck,

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

You have put my mind to rest. I'm planning a bunch of $1.99 ebooks and don't want to spend hundreds on covers for each. You've given me good news!


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