Has anyone received the entry form for 2011 St. Martins/Minotaur First Crime Novel Contest?

I sent away my request for the entry form back at the end of April or beginning of May haven't received anything yet.

The postmark deadline is Nov. 30, which will be here very quickly....


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Nope. Let me try again. Here?
Thanks Jack -- been to that page....they mail the entry form to you on request...which I did back in May.
I just haven't received it yet....
It's possible they've lost the request. You might want to email them, or request another entry form.
Sorry, Brendon. Not helping at all, I guess. I just know this used to associated with Malice Domestic and I was trying to hook you up there. MD is in the spring.
The way I read the rules page, they don't cut off requests for entry forms until Nov. 13, and each entrant gets a specific judge and address to send the entry to. I bet they're still looking for volunteers to read the submissions.


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