I have heard that readers hate to read about animal cruelty (understandable so) even when it is done by the villain in the story and the villain is punished.  Today I uploaded a segment of my serialized story ( http://www.fiveaweekfiction.blogspot.com ) that contains what could be defined as accidental animal cruelty and it will hopefully be humorous rather than horrifying. The dog will end up being okay, but I am concerned I might turn some readers off.  If you have a chance to read the segment (installment 42), I would appreciate your feedback.

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Just roll with it. If anything, it'll get people talking. In the end, the dog is OK. People will be OK, too.
Stuart, I read the installment.  I'll let you know up front that I cry when animals get hurt, even insects (which I take outside and turn loose if I find them in my home), and I run a stray-dog sanctuary here at Mucky Manner.  So if anyone would be turned off by what you wrote about Beans, I would be.  But I wasn't.  You did a great job of describing the confrontation with the pit bull, understating the intent of your villain to subdue--not kill--Beans.  For me, that works, plus I like the humor you infuse into the section. 

Stuart you can't please everyone. You gotta be true to yourself and the story before anything else. There would be no form of entertainment if people worried about what's offensive or not. Some people find offense anywhere and everywhere. I'd rather write a story that offends if it meant I stayed true to the story than to go all political correct and water everything down. Just write what you feel. If folks don't like it, they don't have to read it.People are different and while some might find certain things offensive, others won't.

Best Wishes!


I read it, thought it was fine, may not have even thought to question its right to "be" were you not asking these questions yourself. I read a story about a young boy inflicting cruelty on a horse and the author did a good job of helping us understand motive, though it was difficult to read, nonetheless. I always think the story determines these things and this is well embedded in your story so it doesn't come across as gratuitous.


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