I have a completed manuscript I am currently editing for a 2-6-11 deadline. I did 16 pages n Sat., have 304 to go.


Also to keep in line with my writing goal of 365,000 new words for this year I will start a new short story today, work on it while I edit the MS.

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I started my new short story yesterday. Wrote 1700 words in just under 3 hours.
I'm working on getting my novel up on Kindle.  It came out in paperback (Lead Poisoning, Mainly Murder Press) in November and I have the electronic rights.  I'm trying to figure out the whole formatting thing to upload it.  I'm going to put up some short stories that the rights have reverted back to me for as well.  Busy, busy!

Congrats on getting the book published, J.E. Since you own the e-rights and are in the process of putting it up electronically, I suggest you take a look at www.smashwords.com . By posting with them they can distribute through not only Amazon's Kindle but also B&N's Nook, Border's Kobo, Sony Reader, Apple, Diesel and their own site, all with no cost to you. That is what I did with my short stories. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Good luck

I did end up going with smashwords - it's available there now.  Wasn't that hard, although I did have to reformat.  They have a good guide to follow. 





Looks great. Good luck with it.



I'm working on the second draft of my manuscript and I'm beginning to explore short story writing.
I'm working on a sequel to Night Shadows and have the sequel to Beta done and ready for critique. Plus editing a short story and a romantic mystery.

Terence & Stephen,

Sounds like a good start to the new year.

Good luck,


1) Working with pub on final preparations for book that's coming out in April.

2) Started another story in series.

3) Getting ready to start superhero series (very excited!)

4) Gonna do a final look for second book in series which comes out late 2011 or early 2012 and get that turned in. (I already have four books completed for the series)

5. Look over final copy of a standalone book and get it in to publisher.

6. And other stuff I probably forgot to mention. LOL!

Let's just say, doing a lot! Happy New Year to everyone!

Best Wishes!


I'm shoving more f-ing snow.

My primary focus is on growing my little PR firm. However, in the realm of mysteries, I want to focus more this year on writing mysteries - I wasn't able to do much in 2010.  To that end, I've already written a 10,000-word short story. Well, I started it at Christmas and finally worked the kinks out this past week. I've committed an 30 minutes a day five days a week to mystery work this year. Not much, I know, but it's better than nothing.  Also, I've dusted off a completed manuscript for a novel. I'm reading over it and it doesn't seem as bad as I remembered it.

I have a (highly detested and reviled by me) manuscript I was working on, but I am considering delaying it and starting work on a sequel to the book I SOLD in November. Both projects are fighting over the same creative energy (or lack thereof).


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