Hi ... am preparing the synopsis for my tango mystery and haven't been able to find any good examples of a mystery synopsis. Would anyone feel comfortable sharing one you like? Feeling like a virgin on my honeymoon. I know what's supposed to happen, but not HOW. Thanks in advance!

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There are a couple here.
Thanks! Very helpful.
I think the best synopses read like dust jacket descriptions, heavy on drama and suspense and the most intriguing characters and character dilemmas. Also, shorter works better. When you try to write long synopses, they tend to take on a "and then, and then, and then" quality. Before I start writing a book, I always write a dust jacket blurb description. It helps me to focus and drive the book. Then when I need a synopsis, I just extend it a bit and add the ending.
That sounds very practical. Thanks.


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