I've written two crime thrillers, one about a serial killer and one about a stalker. Hence I did a lot of research on serial killers and stalkers. I'm thinking about launching a blog (a subset of my website), tentatively titled Killer Tales. On it I'll put up short (500 words or so) articles/profiles of actual serial killers, stalkers and domestic violence murders.

Here's my question. Do you think this will help market my crime novels? I would, of course, have a brief blurb about the related novels and buy-links.  People seem to be fascinated with true crime. I plan to write about the less well known cases ... no Ted Bundy, cases like RI serial killer Jeff Mailhot.


Looking forward to your input ... Susan




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My blog discusses forensics in history. Every day, someone finds me on Google through a search such as "the first crime solved through fingerprints" or "Cold War mysteries." Whether it increases sales or not, I couldn't say. But I doubt it would hurt, especially if the research is already done.


Thanks, Gunnar. In the end I'm beginning to think it's all about exposure. The more people see your name, the more they might look for, and buy, your books, especially if they find you through ... in your case, forensics, which I assume is related to the books you write. One part of my website gets enormous amounts of hits, but it's related to my music background.


I've already written 3 short posts for the blog, trying to get ahead of the curve. I'm pretty sure I'll do it ...

Great! Wanna see it.



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