Most of you know my struggles to get some books on Kindle.  It's been a very troubled year, but this summer, I finally managed to get the 4 Akitada novels on a Kindle Exclusive.  Today, I got my first check for the first full month, and . . . Joe Konrath was right!


The books are selling very well and I get 70 % (minus the agent's 15 %).  Sales are falling off a little after the first month, but they continue with very respectable numbers (say 2 sales for each title per day). By the end of a year, I'll have an idea how much each book earned without a publisher's involvement.  The experience raises the question why I would want a publisher in the first place.  Kindle sales will surpass advances for all sorts of rights.  And, as Joe says, e-books are forever.  I can sit back and wait for the checks to come in.


Of course, this sort of thing may be a tad easier when you already have some name recognition.  And betting on that, I am also self-publishing a historical trilogy that the big 6 turned their nose up at.  In this case, I decided to go for e-book only.  One book is up already and doing very well.  Two more will follow August 15 and Sept. 1.


I'm now toying with the idea of putting up some short stories.


And do you know what?  I suddenly have this great burst of energy for writing again. 



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Miriam, I was traditionally published before I went on Kindle, so I had some fans already.  Also, my books tend to be in libraries, and people may have come to know them there.  Keep in mind that I've been publishing for fifteen years or more by now.  Patience is a big part of the game. Good luck!
Thanks to both you and David DeLee for your replies.  Yes, it is the first book of which I am the real author.  There are some that I have helped to ghostwrite - a few of them.  Fortunately, An Adventure in Indianapolis has been picked up by Alethia Publishing and that will probably help it a lot....It gets to become "a real book".  I agree about the patience.  If I had not written the first novel 20 years or 15 years earlier I wouldn't be 'so weird about it'.   I am so humbled when I discovered what high quality high level company this is.  It caused me to be able to "greet my own arrogance at the door" so to speak.  Strange, but worthwhile experience.


I agree with I.J. Give it time. Also, I would ask is it the only book/title you have out? If so, you might want to start getting more stuff out. Nothing sells your book like the next book.

Good luck,

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

I.J. be sure to let me know when you get the short stories up.   I really like your short stories.
Oh, thank you, Tom.  They're with the formatters.  After that, I'll be told how to handle the upload etc. I'm looking at this as a learning experience.  :)  If these two stories do well, I'll move next to publishing the collection.

Great. Look forward to seeing them . I too am going through the learning curve with formatting for e books. I think I may have overestimated my ability this time.  I may just hire someone to do it.


Thanks for this discussion.
You're welcome, Miriam.  Look in on Joe Konrath's blog some time.  He tends to have useful information.
Congratulations, I.J. It is a new world out there will many possibilities for authors. I wish you well.
Thanks, Mark.
Wahoo!  DREAM OF A SPRING NIGHT has gone below 1000 in the rankings.  And the two next books are selling, too.  I love self-publishing.

Congratulations, Ingrid!  Your books deserve a wider audience.



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