Most of you know my struggles to get some books on Kindle.  It's been a very troubled year, but this summer, I finally managed to get the 4 Akitada novels on a Kindle Exclusive.  Today, I got my first check for the first full month, and . . . Joe Konrath was right!


The books are selling very well and I get 70 % (minus the agent's 15 %).  Sales are falling off a little after the first month, but they continue with very respectable numbers (say 2 sales for each title per day). By the end of a year, I'll have an idea how much each book earned without a publisher's involvement.  The experience raises the question why I would want a publisher in the first place.  Kindle sales will surpass advances for all sorts of rights.  And, as Joe says, e-books are forever.  I can sit back and wait for the checks to come in.


Of course, this sort of thing may be a tad easier when you already have some name recognition.  And betting on that, I am also self-publishing a historical trilogy that the big 6 turned their nose up at.  In this case, I decided to go for e-book only.  One book is up already and doing very well.  Two more will follow August 15 and Sept. 1.


I'm now toying with the idea of putting up some short stories.


And do you know what?  I suddenly have this great burst of energy for writing again. 



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What?  Where?  I set the 4.99 myself with Amazon.  The Penguin price I have nothing to do with.  Hmm.  Very puzzling.
Waves.  (Pssst..Hi Jon.  Good to see you.)
Hi Pepper!
Loomis is back! Nice to see you again, Jon.
Sort of--in book jail all summer.  50 pages to go!
Book jail is still better than regular jail. Although that would make a good book.

I.J., first of all, CONGRATULATIONS!  You've done it.  I can just feel the "Ahhhhhh" in your post.  The most inspiring point is your final sentence.  You have this great "burst of energy" because . . . ? It feels like all of that work (labor of love) is worthwhile, right?  Your creation will see light of day, and O!M!G! it will earn money.  YES. 


I'm slowly making the transition, trying to figure out which novel to epub first.  I THINK I've settled on which one, so I can't wait to feel the experience as you have. 


I'm so happy for you, I.J.  And . . . I'm getting my Kindle soon, so I'll be able to read your books on it.  Woo-hoo!!! 

Thanks, Mary!  And very good luck with your novel also.
Yeah--it makes "going out of print" sound like a good thing.
IJ, congratulations, your story gives me energy to keep at it.
Yes, Ben.  Hang in there!
Congratulations!  Mine has sold slightly more than not at all, but my first royalty check was literally for $10, after nearly a year out at Kindle.  So, I'm not having the same kind of experience, maybe its because more people need to know who I am?


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