Hi there,

I've been working on a couple of book cover designs for my new novel, Loves Deception, and want to get some opinions.

Loves Deception Book Cover

I really appreciate it.



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It's hard to judge a book cover without knowing the genre. And a little book blurb would be useful too.

Thanks for checking Eric. Loves Deception is a thriller and here is a short blurb:

Henry Ricks has had a long string of very bad luck. Three years ago a failed business and marriage brought him back to his hometown of Rexburg Idaho. He feels he'll never get his life back on track.

And then Mabel moved to town.

Mabel is amazing; smart, sexy, fun and for Henry she may be the start of a great new life. But then again Henry doesn’t know is what Mabel is an assassin.

As Mabel’s world begins crashing in on Henry’s will love be enough?

Thanks for your help!

I like the silhouette of the girl w/ the gun better than the montage of faces, but quite honestly, Clark, both of these covers says "self-published" to me, the artwork obviously "less than" what you'd see from a decent publisher. Best news: My opinion is only one!

I hear you on that Jack which is why I'm trying to gather some suggestions.

I will be self publishing the book and I have looked at several book cover sellers and they also seem so unprofessional.

I've been looking at a lot of big publisher books and some of the covers seem so simple that they look cheap too.

Anyway, I appreciate you taking a look. I'll have some more shots in the dark here pretty soon.


I agree with Jack. I hope this doesn't sound mean and not trying to but I just checked out all three images and the covers do look a little unprofessional and kinda cheap.

The way the images look, it just doesn't come off as professional.

It's great you're trying to look for other options and open to opinions. It's best to know ahead of time because you don't want a cover to hold you back. Readers do judge books by a cover.

You've seen covers from the big houses that look cheap to you? Hmm. I never have personally. Even if the big house pub's covers are ugly, one thing they don't look like is cheap. LOL! At least not any I've seen. Seen plenty of ugly covers from the big guys but never ones that didn't look top-notch and professional. At least on my end.

Best Wishes!

Just put up a third cover trying to use some feed back that I've received today.

I'd really appreciate your opinion.

Hi Clark,

I like the gun and roses best of the three. In particular, the image looks professional. In my opinion, the typography/design still need some tweaks, but the iterations are improving. 

(PS: The "s" was left off "Loves".)

Hi Richard,

thanks for taking the time to check them out. I think you're right that the third cover is heading in the right direction.

About the S, I have had a few people ask me if the title is a typo and if it should be Love's Deception with an ' My idea for the title came from a line in the book about "she loves money, she loves deception." but I've begun to worry that if ten people have asked me if it's a typo right now will even more people think that when they see the book.

So long story short I was just testing what the title would look like as Love Deception.

Thanks again.

Why not make it "She Loves Deception"?  I'd get a better image of a beautiful girl with a gun.

Yeah I need to rework the image for sure, it's done way to fast. And She Loves Deception might really work well as it eliminates any questions.


Great Blurb re: Loves Deception, I make all my own book covers and I would think a background of an Idaho town or wheat fields what ever and maybe mix in a little drama in the corner of simple life verses Crime life. Lots of good visuals for me to come up with. Good luck Story sounds interesting.


Thank you.

I never thought about using Idaho on the cover. I'm going to take the camera out today and see what I can find.


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