The folks at the DoSomeDamage blog (myself included) have just published a second e-book anthology of short stories. This one is called Collateral Damage.


Here's the product description from Amazon:


Once again the eight authors of bring together eight stories of murder and mayhem in these linked stories.

TERMINAL DAMAGE, a Spinetingler Magazine nominee for best anthology, featured stories linked together by one awful day in an airport.

The brand new COLLATERAL DAMAGE builds on the success of the earlier collection, this time focusing on Father's Day.

This collection boasts stories from Joelle Charbonneau (SKATING AROUND THE LAW, SKATING OVER THE LINE, the Paige Marshall mysteries), John McFetridge (LET IT RIDE, DIRTY SWEET), Dave White (WHEN ONE MAN DIES, WITNESS TO DEATH), Russel D. McLean (THE LOST SISTER, THE GOOD SON), Sandra Ruttan (THE FRAILTY OF FLESH, SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES), Scott D. Parker (HANFORD: A Harry Truman Mystery, ROUND ONE), Jay Stringer (OLD GOLD, SCORCHED EARTH), and Steve Weddle (NEEDLE Magazine).

From the introduction:
Collateral Damage:

A Father’s Day Collection of Mayhem

To follow the immense fun -- um, I mean HUGE FINANCIAL SUCCESS -- of our TERMINAL DAMAGE collection, we came up with this book.

TERMINAL DAMAGE was tied together in that all the stories took place at an airport on the same day – when all hell broke loose.

The eight stories in COLLATERAL DAMAGE are tied together by Father’s Day. Revenge, mysteries, killings and more bleed through the pages of this book.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as folks seemed to enjoy TERMINAL DAMAGE.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE is available now for Kindle here and more formats will follow.





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Congratulations to all!
Bought and downloaded. TERMINAL DAMAGE was awfully good. I expect a lot here.

I don't know how you guys do it. DSD is quality and quantity.


Added this to my to-read. I'm especially curious what a "Harry Truman" mystery involves.


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