I've had literary representation before but no sale. This time around I've co-written a crime thriller (Called "Frame-Up") with my friend Brad Schoenfeld and we've just signed up with Joel Gotler, based in Hollywood. He's a respected vet who has worked with quite a string of luminaries over the years. (Michael Connelly dedicated "The Poet" to him and another fellow. How cool is that?)

Mr. Gotler will be pushing the book next week on a visit to New York and then also in Hollywood when he gets back home.

It's an extremely tough time to sell a first novel on either coast, he says, but a thriller "might just have a chance." Wish us luck!

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Thanks, Dana, but alas this is old news, several months old, and the truth is the agent dropped us, unprovoked, after making four alleged submissions to editors. I'm not getting into details on a public forum except to say I'm not recommending this guy to any author. Hope you're right about the karma in the long run. :)
onward and upward, better things are around the corner, keep on moving with it.
Ditto, Eric. There will be other opportunities.
Damn, well, keep plugging away, and good luck.
Agents typically fire all the bullets in the gun, Dan. They go to every major imprint out there before giving up on a project, and there have to be at least 15 more imprints to try here.

Unfortunately for us we have to be upfront about the submission history and it's complicating our obtaining new representation for the book; it's like asking the prospective agents to eat an apple someone has already bitten into.

We've got the ms in the hands of a couple of really good agencies recently, including a new one today, so fingers crossed ...
I think Dan's correct. It's a Catch 22 for authors. Very good luck with the new agent, Eric.
Hey, we need to hear of a good success story! Hope to see you and your co-author's names up in lights very soon.
I may have one to offer, am meeting a film director next week who likes my book, have lit candles, said my prayers, crossed all fingers and toes!!
Siobhan, my fingers and toes are at this moment crossed for you! (Am chanting an incantation as I write this.)
Thank you Donna, your chanting may have worked, seems like it may be a goer!! looking to produce funding package.... will keep praying.
Right on, B.R. -- we need a success story! Eric, all the best!
Hey, someday soon it sounds as if I might know a big Hollywood toodledoo!! Wow!


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