I am writing my first novel and I need some help with the procedure following a suicide. How many policemen would normally arrive on the scene after a call that there has been a suicide? What other emergency services would arrive and how many? The novel is set in the UK, but any insight will do.

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Any death by violence is a homicide and would be treated as such until proven to be a suicide. I believe the only difference is that the perpetrator is the victim; the investigation would be the same.

Will -- my first response didn't go through so I'll try again. For a recent novel based on a suicide, I simply called the homicide squad, told them what I needed and someone got back to me. For the price of a plate of wings and a stout, I got all I needed. I used most of the detective's dialogue in the book -- it wasn't all on point, but it was pretty good stuff. I've done this before with research on methamphetamine production and money laundering. If you can't reach directly in a specialized squad, then call the public affairs office, tell 'em what you need. They'll get it, or they'll get someone to call you directly. You can't be shy on this stuff. Over time, you'll build up contacts that you can use for your next books. (Of course, when your book gets published you have to send an autographed copy. That's key. Hope that helps. Lee Lamothe

Yup, that's a good idea. Many thanks.

Excellent book.

Depends on setting to be honest. Rural possibly two more likely one. IN a city more likely 2 policemen or policewomen. Once it is no longer considered a murder by CSM i.e. if suicide has a letter that can be verified by contacting nearest and dearest obviously the investigation would be closed.  In Scotland the Fiscal would then deal with this depending on age. In England it wouldn't even get as far as the CPS.  Depends where, when, age and location. 


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