Hi. I'm new to this forum and am not sure if this is the place for introductions. I'm Chris Fitzgerald, author of Reclaiming The Angel's Share and To See Blue Skies. I'm hoping to get some useful insights into how other authors tackle writing unique crime fiction while maintaining interesting characters.



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This is the place. Ask questions calculated to prompt responses and there are people here who will be happy to discuss (and joust) with you.

Welcome, Chris.  What Dana said.  In what way are your books unique?

I think my books are unique in the fact I've taken the 1930s hard-boiled private eye genre and set them in a dystopian future Manchester (UK). They're available for digital download on Amazon, if you want to check them out? I've enjoyed success with UK sales but sadly not in the US.

How are your books doing?

Well, don't feel bad.  I have the reverse problem.  Books doing well here, but hardly selling in the UK.  Sometimes it takes a while for a series to catch on.  Sadly, we don't command the publicity machines the big publishing houses have.

Hi Chris,

It sounds like you and I are ploughing the same field. I've recently published a dystopian future/noir called 'City of Pigs'. I publish through Smashwords because I don't like Amazon's exclusivity clauses, but that's just me. Let me know if you want a free copy of any of my books. I can give you coupon codes so you can download for free.


Good luck!

Wow, that sounds great. I checked out the synopsis and would be keen to have a read.

Say no more...

You'll need a smashwords account, but it's free. When you've signed up, search 'City of Pigs', click the 'Buy Now' button, then enter the coupon code: XK89H. The coupon is valid until the 22nd of November. Hope you like it.

I'm getting a new Kobo in a week or two. I'll check your book out when I get that sorted out.


When I create a new character that is going to have a material impact on the story, I begin by creating as complete a "person" as I can.  That means, I write a biography, sometimes short and sometimes longer, and I spent time walking around in that character learning how they react and when they might take action.  It's being an actor.  For a writer, it is okay to do but don't tell anyone, you might end up in a local luny bin.

Then the plot rolls out separately.  Now to answer your question directly:  Let the character clash with the plot.  I highly recommend James Scott Bell's book Plot and Structure.

Thanks for the insight. I actually own the book you mention and it became something of a bible to me while I was drawing up a plan for RTAS.

What novels have you written?

The 18th Scroll is on Amazon.  I'm starting a new one for NaMo whatever.  I Google Novel in November to find the site.  This book is called Finley's Confession.


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