Hey! Here i am in a CrimeSpace, good to see you people. A few words about be, in my first post, maid be appropriate, but i will skip that. You will know what, and who i am, by knowing what i do. So i will go straight to the point.

  What i am trying to do is not exactly a novel or even a literature (however it still need chronological development, and dialogs), more like a planning. It is a story for a game, but it is not so much a story of a background, it is more like a story that will develop during the game play, maybe a scenario will be a better word for it.

 So far i have, a murder, a victim, an investigator, a few secondary characters, a motive, i know how the murderer commit the crime, i know how and where the body is disposed, i also know how the investigator understand, the fake crime scene, and reveal the real one. I still have only ideas, about the evidence to the murderer, but i will soon connect them. Basically i do have the overall shape of the story. Next i will go for more detailed plan, and after that go for the dialogs. However i will need some planning for the interactions before or in the same time, of making the dialogs.


  I do not have any previous experience, not in the story creating, nor in the game creating, except in some fragments of the second.

 So why i am here? I would not what of you people to create my story for me. But i really need some help and tips, especially in making the story, and the characters really interesting. So far i got it, pretty straight. The murderer is a bad man, the victim is good, the investigator is smart, and so on. It is just ... how do i put it, not good enough. I want to "take a rubber" and "blend" these characters. For example in many stories for Poirot (and not only), the victim is actually a pretty nasty, enough for the closest people not to mourn it. What would you say about that? I will take any advice in a great gratitude.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. Sorry for my English i live in eastern Europe, and do not have many practice in using it.

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What type of story do you want?  Murder mystery? Multiple outcome for your game?  Where you think it is Mr Smith but it turns out to be Mr Fudge?  Are you doing something similar to Cluedo?  What is your unique selling point for your game?  Is it a digital game or a traditional one like Cluedo? 

Hi Sam, and thank you for the attention!

Type of story probably will fit well in "Murder mystery".

Multiple outcome, was considered, and it is tempting. However i will restrain that, since it will be pretty hard (for an amateur as me) to put that in a program code. I will stick to more "linear" story at this time.

My plan is to point the murderer, somewhere at the middle of the story/game play. So that the investigator, will be put to search for clues incriminating him (the murderer). However i do consider arrest of an innocent man, by a cops in a hurry to finish the case.

About the Cluedo game, no. This is a digital game, similar games are (not necessary with a similar story):

Syberia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTXsuenh9EQ

Grim Fandango: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXzyB0nMCQ0

Monkey Island: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IBUfXq0nbk

Black Mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK7wt6hhg-Y

And many more, i can provide fuller list if you want to.

About the unique selling point, i understand the words, but i don't know how to answer it. I have not considered in depth how to sell this thing. My main problem, right now, is how to do it. Leather i will search for a sponsor, if i can't find, i will finish it alone, and try to sell it on some game sites, like Steam.

All best!

You could have a multilink.  Use a spreadsheet. List all possible criminals.  If player chooses weapon A suggests person 3.  If player chooses weapon 2 suggests person 1.  Also left handed killer or right handed killer. If ballistics what type of weapon.  Type of M.O. of killer. Does it fit with extrovert or introvert?  Know who your killer is. Say - Sebastian, 29, Sailor.  Left handed.  Loves Cinema. Hates rude people. Also you will need 3-5 false trails for each step in the case.  To ensure players get to play it more than once. 

Will take these into a consideration. Tank you!


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