Get ready for a rant from NOPD Homicide Detective Frank Renzi on why all the Super Bowl hype totally ticks him off. Are you ready for the stupid-stats?

  • 47.6 percent of all households in the U.S. tuned in to the game
  • 11 million slices of Domino's pizza sold to viewers
  • $10.8 million dollars spent on beer for the game

Want to know how many people in New Orleans didn't get to watch the game because they were MURDERED?


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This is all true.  And I'm don't feel particularly safe.  I'm surrounded by water, bridges, and tunnels. And we also have a shocking crime rate.  But on the whole, I think the authorities are aware and working on it.  I know, everything goes into overdrive at the mere possibility of a hurricane coming in our direction.

Yeah, me too. Forgot to mention that I live within 50 miles of not one but TWO nuclear  power plants (Seabrook, NH and Plymouth, MA) Not too comforting, given the meltdown at the plants in Japan after the earthquake/tsunami. Both plants are very near the ocean.


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