What are the best online crime fiction magazines to submit your work to?

Hey folks, I currently have a story up on The Flash Fiction Offensive website and am getting some new traffic to my blog.  I was wondering where else I should submit stories.  Which online crime fiction magazines are the best for getting my work seen by the most people?

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If you want exposure, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen's are the top places. They're also pretty much the only magazines that pay a decent rate.

I'm the markets coordinator for the Short Mystery Fiction Society, here's our markets list:



I'm partial to Spinetingler. Check out the list of writers we've published and their stories. We were nominated for an Anthony Award at Bouchercon this year, and I know for a fact a number of our short story writers have received inquiries from one well known agent within days of their fiction going online.
Spinetingler has a notice on their site stating as of May 7, 2011 they are not accepting fiction submissions.  That's why I haven't submitted there.
We hope to reopen for fiction in a month or two. We are backed up on stories but now publishing a new one every Monday.
If you like to write short shorts try Fiction365.com. I had one up there is September. It is a nice site. Updated daily to showcase a new writer every day of the year.

Hi Stuart,


I'm one of the editors of Noir Nation: International Journal of Crime Fiction. and we are currently reading for Our second issue.  Submission Guidelines at http://noirnation.com.

There are some Flash Fictions in Issue 1 (Which is on sale for 50% off this weekend only http://www.amazon.com/Noir-Nation-International-Journal-ebook/dp/B0...)





Also, forgot to mention, Noir Nation pays. 




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