What Are You Wearing (Mainly) When You're Writing Or on the Computer?

Hi All,


Thought I'd start a fun topic! Everyone always talks about their favorite place and time to write but I wonder what we all wear when we are writing. How tacky we must all look when we're sitting around the house on the computer, LOL.


For me, it's my nightgown, housedress and flipflops. And yes, I don't look my normal gorgeous self around the house and any woman who says she does...fellas don't believe her, LOL! What we look like in public sometimes is completely different than what we look like around the house.


That goes for guys too! 


Anyway, what's your normal, at-the-computer attire? And don't dress it up, be honest.  Anyone type naked? LOL.


Best Wishes!


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Has anyone ever done this? I have, and I once read on Tess Gerrittsen's blog that she did the same - as you're closing in on the end of a novel, and just writing writing writing writing, you get up and you put on the same shirt or jeans or whatever day after day without thinking. It's like you're in a rhythm, and you don't want to break it. Or you're so consumed with the story that you can't think of anything so mundane as deciding what to wear. Not necessarily pleasant for the nonwriters in our lives, but if it works . . . .
I live alone and wear as little as possible there and as I write.
Karen I'm too lazy to do that, LOL!
What? Wear as little as possible.
No the part where she says, getting up and putting on the same clothes during the end of the novel, LOL.

I have no problem with wearing little as possible (wink).
T-shirt and PJ bottoms. Comfort above all. Anything that nips, cuts, tugs, droops, shifts, twists, slips, bunches, itches or abrades is something that you're inevitably thinking about that isn't writing.


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