What Show Are You Most Anticipating the Return of This Season?

For me it would be Ax Men (yep I love that show), Dirty Jobs and Southland. There are some others too but these are the ones I'm waiting on the most.

How about you?

Best Wishes!


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Without question, the best show on tv is Fringe. X-Files on steroids.
I would say mine would be NUMB3RS and NCIS.

Numbers was canceled by CBS at the end of last season.

Sorry to break it to ya like this.
How sad ... thanks anyway ... at least I won't be looking for it then.

I was hooked on Flash Forward. It's probably merciful that it was canceled, because it already showed signs of fragmenting the way Lost did, but I will still miss it.
CSI: Las Vegas but the writers have to drop the bad comedy dialogue. The show is supposed to be dark and gritty. Dexter of course. L&O:SVU, and How Law & Order fares in Los Angeles!!
I told my dad Numbers was canceled. He loved Without A Trace until it was canceled season before last and he loves Cold Case, now that's canceled! What the heck is CBS doing?

Best Wishes!
and of course, although it never fails to disappoint me, Gossip Girl
Dexter, Modern Family, Bored To Death, Big Bang Theory--and the one new show I CANNOT wait for, Martin Scorcese's Boardwalk Empire on HBO.
Castle, Chuck, Caprica. I only watch shows that begin with C.
Chuck's still on? I thought it was canceled.


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