You know nothing about these five books other than that they are in the crime section. Based only on their titles, which one would you pick?

Depends on the Wind
Murder Boom
The Invisible Hand
Red Gold
Blood Prairie

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Visions of an Indian massacre came to mine when I read Blood Prairie. I like Depends on the Wind, what happens depending on the direction of the wind? :)

Off topic, I suppose, but the best person I've ever seen at titles was Eugene O'Neill: Moon for the Misbegotten, Long Day's Journey into Night, Strange Interlude, Desire Under the Elms, The Iceman Cometh, Mourning Becomes Electra. Just creative as all get-out. (Oh and the plays, not bad either.)

Murder Boom

the Invisible Hand. 'Depends' is an odd word to have in a title. I'd avoid it. The word 'invisible' straight away brings a feeling that something mysterious or not easily understood will be part of the story. And a hand is active. it is a 'doing' image. personally I'd avoid anything with the word Prairie in it as the image it evokes for me is very unappealing. I start thinking westerns or rural people living in wood cabins. but others may prefer it. 

The Invisible Hand has been a popular one. The prairie reference would be appropriate since it's set on a prairie. But you wouldn't know that since only the titles are listed. Does that make a difference or do you still prefer The Invisible Hand?


For me it's not even close.

The Invisible Hand followed by Red Gold

Slightly off topic.  I think a good title is one that points to the central issue of the story.  Like the cover, the title should be part of a coherent package.  I like the titles of James M. Cain:

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Mildred Pierce

Double Indemnity

I also like titles that fit content.  Have brought home too many books that I found out after the fact I'd already read.  The titles had nothing whatsoever to do with the story.

Thanks for that insight, Stephen. The Invisible Hand is a popular one. It didn't remind you of market economic theory, did it?

None of them. 

"The Invisible Hand" sounds like a  VIctorian ghost/horror story.

The others sound like Westerns. Except for "Murder Boom."  I don't think I'd read any book that had "Boom" in the title. :)  

You've probably already made your decision, but I like The Invisible Hand and Blood Prairie. I especially like Blood Prairie because it combines two words you wouldn't normally associate with each other. ---- I just read the rest of the responses below and saw that the story takes place on the prairie. Now I like it even more! I think it's a great title.


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