You know nothing about these five books other than that they are in the crime section. Based only on their titles, which one would you pick?

Depends on the Wind
Murder Boom
The Invisible Hand
Red Gold
Blood Prairie

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 Everyone seems to like "Blood Prairie", but now that I think about it, it  sounds too much like Cormac McCarthy's novel, "Blood Meridian."   Which is a great title, of course, and more than appropriate for that particular book.   In fact, since I've just watched Ken Burns' documentary, "The West,"  I would think "Blood Prairie" was about that very subject. By the time the conquest of the West was over, the prairies were drenched in the blood of massacred Indians, buffalo,  settlers,  and cavalry.  So what could a mystery novel called "Blood Prairie" have to offer that would be more serious than that if it isn't a ripoff? 


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