Dan Coleman had a great idea about a writing exercise using three sentences to describe a scene. So let's give it a try! (but expand it a little bit.)
Below are the 'items' found at a crime scene. Use all, or as many as you can, to both describe the scene and the environment it was found in. Compress it into five or less sentences to set up the scene

A watch that has stopped at 3:15--a body-- a crumpled piece paper--a discarded, empty wallet--lipstick--a set of discarded car keys.

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Hollywood, gone freakshow--the corpse wasn't wearing anything but her well-worn birthday suit. It could be a set for a B-grade movie but the traffic moving gingerly around the anceint starlet hestitated, one car at the time, to examine her shopped out collagened lips and poorly executed boob job, thanking whatever Gods they favored that they hadn't been able to afford star-powered plastic surgery. It was a blessed last act when the ambulance pulled up and took the old diva away.


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