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FATAL DESTINY is the first novel in David DeLee’s thrilling Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series.

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Stolen mob money! Ruthless hit men! A past that won’t stay dead and buried!
An action-packed thrill ride by the author of CRYSTAL WHITE

For bounty hunter Grace deHaviland the job seemed simple. Track down Barry Keegan, an accountant in a white collar criminal case who jumped bail. How hard could that be?

But the case turns deadly when a co-defendant ends up murdered and Grace’s best friend, sheriff’s deputy Suzie Jensen, is nearly killed. Can Grace track down the elusive Barry Keegan–a man more dangerous than anyone could’ve guessed–while she tries to protect his wife and son from a violent past they thought dead and buried?

The exhilarating first novel in the Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series.

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