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I am the author of more than 70 published novels and novellas, and almost 900 published stories in various genres and sub-genres. My best works are private-eye mysteries under my own name mysteries set in various historical periods. New issues and reprints will be out shortly from Pageturneditions.com

As all writers, I am also a reader.

This updated on 9-8-2011
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Reader, Writer
http://Jackbludis.com But crimespace tells you what you need.
Books And Authors I Like:
Chandler, Hammett, Ed McBain, Hemingway, Faulkner, Joyce, James Lee Burke, Cormac McCarthy; the Moe Prager series and the latest two Robert B. Parker's by Reed Farrel Coleman, and Richard Helms (the novelist not the spy), Laura Lippman, Vicki Hendricks, Megan Abbot--and indispensable for a writer, "Strunk and White's, The Elements of Style." And how did I forget Will Shakespeare the first time around? Him too. And may I also add Steig Larsson of "The Girl who ..." Series, may he rest in peace.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
The Big Bang Theory, Casablanca, Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Murder My Sweet, the Godfather I, Chinatown, LA Confidential. I never tire of seeing and dissecting Casablanca.

Saturday Night Live--although I don't get all the humor anymore, it's an age thing. This show for 40 years has kept up with what 20-somethings are laughing at. It has also turned out some damn good actors as well as comedians. The constant reruns are a drag because topical material out of date is stale.

Favorite Networks AMC, TCM, TNT, and USA.

Letterman, yes. Leno, no. The Daily Show, and some things on the History Channels (The first time I see them.)

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  • Carla Buckley

    Jordan's as sharp as they come--and you couldn't meet a nicer person. She must save all her evil tendencies for her bad guys.
  • Benjamin Sobieck

    Thanks for "friending" me! Can you post the link to your story on thrillingdetective.com? I looked for "Blondes Blondes Blondes," but couldn't find it. I'd like to check it out.
  • Benjamin Sobieck

    P.S. I don't "get" SNL either and I'm their demographic.
  • Tom Cooke

    Hey Jack, Just checking in to see if you were up to anything that you could talk about in public. Finally read Blondes. Great read. I think Michael Marx has shamed me into a submission to TD. It's been sitting in the drawer for a month now and I've been so busy I haven't formatted it and sent it off yet. Drop a line from time to time.
  • Benjamin Sobieck

    I dig your hard-boiled style, Jack. I read "Blondes" from the URL you sent me. Nice touch with the Mauser, the pick fits the feel of the story. Some would've just said "gun." Being a casual firearms enthusiast, I can appreciate the detail.
  • Sarah Beaugez

    Jack... Thanks for the input. It would be nice to sit down with you and answer each question you posed, take notes and get your feedback as to how to form some kind of outline. I noticed that you live in Baltimore. The book I am working to finish at this point, largely takes place at Hopkins, where my son had 41 surgeries. I know the Inner Harbor AND the Inner City well. I grew up a lot in that city. Look for my book, ON THE EDGE OF GRACE, in the future.
  • Sarah Beaugez

    Hey you.... sounds like you have got the picture as to what a daunting task lies before me. I was married to a lie for 25 years: a closet homosexual (what a waste of my virginity), a pornography addict, narcissistic sociopath, thief, liar, child molester, professing Christian (missionary/preachers kid).... need I go on? I want redemption in the story I tell, as I have not received it in life. There must be love for me before the end of the story??? Please advise....
  • Gerrie

    Writing drives me crazy, golf restores my sanity, except when I play with my husband. :)
  • Toni L.P. Kelner

    Hi, Jack. I imagine we've run into one another hither and yon in the mystery world. I just joined CrimeSpace, in a long quest to find a good writing forum.
  • Donna Carrick

    Hi, Jack, thanks for the note! I enjoy the forum. It's great to hear what other writers are thinking and get an idea of what's happening in the genre. Sounds like you've been "hacking" longer than I have, but I have kept my fondness for Dickens all through the years.
  • Eve

    I'm reading a history of Welsh witcraft.
  • Ellen Norton

    Thanks for the nice comment about my photos. Yes, I love my house! It looks like we enjoy the same networks - TCM & AMC - are there any other stations! Very nice to meet you. Ellen
  • Reece Hirsch

    Thanks, Jack. Congratulations to you on your 40 published novels. That's quite a feat! Reece
  • Kris Neri

    Post it, Jack. I think it's good to stimulate discussion. Though I tried to keep it balanced, I thought my remarks might anger some. So be it.

  • I. J. Parker

    Jack, it's always nice to hear from you. You do recall riding to that crazy Texas Barbecue place together years ago? I was scared out of my wits by the illustrious Bouchercon experience. Several years later, in Chicago, I had a great time because I really didn't give a damn about playing the author. These days, I don't give a damn about much of anything.
  • I. J. Parker

    Thanks for the appreciative note on my comments. I shoot my mouth off these days and get things stirred up a bit. Seriously, this is a wonderful place and I love almost all the posts and posters.
  • Scott Phillips

    yep, I meant Vicki....
  • Jan Christensen

    Thanks, Jack. You are always so supportive, and I appreciate it.
  • Dave Zeltserman

    Thanks, Jack. I haven't updated my list in a while . If I had I would've added Derek Raymond, Westlake's "The Axe", Shane Stevens "Dead City", Roger Smith's "Mixed Blood" (he's become a friend, but independent of that I absolutely loved both Mixed Blood and his upcoming second book).
  • Sheila DeChantal

    I seen that. I watched the trailer last night and decided to not add it to the blog post I put up because I felt it said to much.

  • Debbi Mack

    It's the California coast, yes. But not Monterrey. It's off Route One heading north from San Francisco (thus, the Giants hat--great ballpark, BTW).
  • Donna Moore

    And hello to you too! And yes, I will be in Indianapolis - so see you there!
  • Sally Wolf

    Thanks for the comment I do use grammar and spell check a lot they are my friends I would not be OK with out them. :)
  • Mike MacLean

    Hey Jack,

    Thanks for the comment. I've read an enjoyed your stories at Thrilling Detective and look forward to more. You had a great line in your "Confessions of a Hack" article below -- along the lines of having your best work rejected. Why do you think that is?

    I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Roger Corman. He gives you considerable freedom, yet nudges you back on course when needed. And he’s taught me a few things about low-budget/cable movie writing that I’ve never encountered in a Syd Field book.
  • Mike MacLean

    400 + stories!!! For someone who considers himself a novelist rather than a short story writer, that’s some impressive output. You used the word “trash” to describe some of those; why is that? What made these stories trash?

    Since so many consider the kinds of movies that Roger Corman makes as “trash,” I’ve been forced to consider the term myself (and the term “guilty pleasure”). I’m positive that your stories (and my screenplays) took a considerable amount of skill to write. I’m also sure that quite a few people have enjoyed those stories. So what makes them trash as apposed to an acclaimed novel or an award nominated story?
  • JackBludis


    I think that instead of "trash," I might have said "hack work." about 300 of my 400 stories were written first draft and barely proofread and most were in the category of erotica ... no so sure it was hard core because I was complimented by editors again and again for the characterization, the structure, etc. Some of what I wrote I am still being paid for on a quarterly basis.

    Three novellas that I wrote sold 3 different times each (These were pulp-like mysteries that seem to hit a note with more than one editor.) Currently, it is sitting in the computer awaiting a decision by me whether to just let them die of rust or try to market them again.

    They are the kind of pulp that we used to read in the army and mark the "interesting" paragraphs.

    Every novel or story the bears the "Jack Bludis" name is a novel or story I am proud to show.

    Of the the other 100+ Some are pretty good, some not so good. And a few ... hell, even I don't get the point.

    Thanks for asking.

    Roger Corman's is Academy Award when related to most of my many pseudonyms.

    Thanks for asking. If you don't mind, I'm going to put this note on my own page as well as yours.

    Maybe we can get a discussion going on the forum related to what is and is not trash when it comes to mysteries.

    What it comes down to is that in no year did I ever make even a fraction of my annual income writing, but hope springs eternal. I might even get back to my opus one of these days.

  • Suzanne Baginskie

    Dan Brown sure can weave a tale that makes you turn the pages. I am waiting for his latest book that comes out Sept. 15th, which I ordered in May.
  • The Book Resort

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, Jack!
  • Edith Glass

    I'm sure it's not legit LOL. But it gets the message across.
  • Anna Nicholas

    I'm still reading "Girl with Dragon.." and not wanting it to end so am prolonging the reading process. I see you have some pseudonyms; as do I. Care to share?
  • Eric Beetner

    Just finished The Big Switch and liked it very much. On to the next Kane adventure!
  • Vicki Hendricks

    Hi, Jack,
    I always forget to look at this site! It's me. Sorry to answer nearly a year late!
  • Vicki Hendricks

    Do you plan to go to Noircon next Nov? I have a book of short stories coming out in May, Florida Gothic Stories, so it's good timing for me to bring it. Also, I've forgotten about Rara Avis lately. Am I missing out on good stuff?
  • Aaron Philip Clark

    Thanks, Jack. I'm planning to read your book, "Shadow of the Dahlia." I have a great interest in Los Angeles crime and that particular case.
  • Scarlett de Courcier

    I agree that the new Hairspray movie is fantastic! Thanks for the add. Hope you're having a great weekend :)
  • Scarlett de Courcier

    P.S. The link to your website seems to be broken...
  • JackBludis

    My website JackBludis.com is finicky. It's working now ... needs to be updated though.
  • robert walker

    hey Jack - so glad to meet up here on CS -- and thanks for leaving cogent words on my discussion of coincidence betw life and art.
    And yeah I am finishing up the Titanic 2012 book this month and publsihing it as a Kindle Original next month. Timeliness is of great importance and can't wait on traditional publishers to get on board in a timely manner so have turned to Kindle for my last several novels.
  • JackBludis

    For the time being,this is functionally my website. Although I still own JackBludis.com , I haven't redesigned it or transferred it, although I am hooked up with GoDaddy.
  • Larry W. Chavis

    Jack, I really appreciate your accepting me as a friend. I hope to learn much from your site.
  • Caroline Trippe

    Thanks, Jack! I'm enjoying this forum so much, as a reader among all you writers. I hope I'm learning something too---it's quite stimulating!
  • Caroline Trippe

    As for Rendell---for me, she does have staying power, and I think that's because of her "humanity." She allows her characters to grow, to change, to admit their weaknesses---esp. her detective, Wexford. Even her criminals are never just stereotypes of evil, but complex individuals. Naturally I enjoy many other writers as well, but It's almost as though Rendell was the first mystery writer I discovered once I "outgrew" Agatha Christie, and read all the classic Dorothy Sayers and Josephine Tey---my other favorite, who didn't write nearly enough to satistfy me! I don't know how many people still read her, but she was another "master" of human psychology, and a wonderful writer. I remember enjoying Chandler too---something mesmerizing about those stories---or maybe it was the climate! :)
  • Jacqueline Young

    Thanks for the welcome Jack. :)
  • Joy Matkowski

    Easily, if you see the trouble I've made here already.
  • Hallie Ephron

    Hey, Jack! I'm still getting the hang of this place...
  • J W Nelson

    thanks for the invite! Must confess that Cussler also lost me after his first efforts.

    But don't get me started on John D MacDonald. I re-read him regularly.

    best regards
  • J W Nelson

    excellent points about John D. Definitely a heavy dose of macho. (I believe I did that friend approval but I will doublecheck; still getting used to CS software)
  • Hallie Ephron

    Thanks for your comments and encouragement, Jack! We're "Jungle Red Writers"! And they're a bunch of pretty independent women...
  • Reed Farrel Coleman

    Thanks so much. High praise from you. I was glad for us, but mostly for David Thompson's memory. I cried in front of 1000 people. Very liberating experience. See you in Philly.
  • Siobhan C Cunningham

    thank you Jack...