“I’m writing a book about Tricia.”
…“Tricia?” As soon as the question slipped from his lips, Joshua recalled. “Tricia Wheeler.”
“Of course…It’s about time someone investigated it.”

Prosecutor Joshua Thornton becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Gail Reynolds in this second installment of the Joshua Thornton Mysteries. Gail returns to Chester to investigate a classmate’s death, only to spark a murder spree in which she becomes one of the victims.

Everyone in the small town is convinced that the new chief of detectives will surely end the crime wave. After all, Seth Williams made headlines uncovering the evidence needed to solve a triple homicide. Joshua is not so sure when the detective almost gets an innocent woman killed.

Suddenly, Gail’s murder reveals that years before she had named Joshua as the father of her baby. Such news could ruin his reputation and political career.

Now, Joshua finds his name at the top of the list of suspects.

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