This is the story of Robert Cederberg, the Turtle.
When Robert was fourteen, on the last day of his summer vacation, a sports car travelling at high speed at six in the morning, failed to make the turn at the eastern end of the coastal cliff road in Kingsville Ontario. Leaving the road, the car flew fifty feet in the air before landing thirty feet below in the sand at the edge of Lake Erie. Being the first on the scene, Robert found the slightly drunk driver, pinned in the car with a broken leg. Wedged between the red leather seats of the still running MGA, he also found, the most beautiful handgun in the world, a Walther PPK. James Bond’s gun, a gun for a killer. For Robert, shooting the man on the beach that morning was both exciting and easy. What was hard was leaving the silver gun with the black handgrips. This is the story of how the Turtle gets a Walther PPK of his own

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