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About Me:
I design and sell jewelry from my apartment where I'm often in my pajamas until noon.

I was reading crime fiction from Scandinavia like, way before it got popular.

Not that I know many people who would be impressed by that.
I Am A:
Books And Authors I Like:
Fred Vargas, Henning Menkell, Minette Walters, Denise Mina, Jesse Kellermen, Peter Robinson, Murakami, David Foster Wallace, Mordechai Richler and Sue Grafton to name a tiny fraction of writers.
Movies And TV Shows I Like:
The Killing....I don't know how to go on now that I've finished the first season!

Prime Suspect, The Wire, Morse, Foyle's War and Life on Mars are some all-time favorite shows....last few films that stand out include The Secret in Their Eyes, Tell No One, Ghost Writer, Lives of Others, A Winter's Bone.

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At 2:37am on March 17, 2012, brian said…




So had to be the lighting..Naw..something else…And the last thing I’m trying to do, now that I’m back here after a time or two away, is to hunt and cheezy-charm women…woman…Decided though, as I’m working on tis “Chick-Lit” thriller…secret here is that I’m afraid I’ll end up striking a deal with some trustworthy darling to front the manuscript…This story, I have hardly a doubt, will be turned away…Perhaps my lit agent may do…You see, I don’t believe male fictio0n…hard-core authentic streets and struggling life madhouse fearless crime fiction is selling for shit.

Woman in America account for over eighty-three percentage of new, old fiction sold today. The majority, alas, are written by women. Appropriately.


So My mission…after becoming particularly impassioned with the over-all picture…this story of streaming betrayals and ill-founded hatreds, lusts…definitely a bizarrely-unique chick perspective…chick characters, heinous husbands and one completely aloof, anti-hero who has only just finally, as I’d done –said adios to his darling mother after  bathing her, chauffeuring her , soothing, entertaining, cooking, singing her original 2:00 a.m. songs, dancing, trying so hard to keep a strong, pleasant face…Both he and I died by inches those three years. Me, I wrote stories galore…Thuglit, Pulp Pusher  Out of the Gutter, Noir Originals, Criminal Class Press. And so on…

Both Jinx…my character, and myself, kept out word. Ma died in her living room. As does, my man, Jinx’s mother. So it goes.


Boom,boom,pow,pow, what I’ve decided, once this is done, has to appear as if written my a women…This I am certain of. So be it. My legs ain’t bad…fairly well-shaped “get-away-sticks” still. Hate to imagine walking on stilletos…and what would I do with this face? Always a question…No, I need a flesh and blood marketing, charming gal. Go fifty-fifty. Partner up with some kool woman. Let her photo adorn the back cover… her fabricated writing history…good lucks and humble magic to make the rounds.

Sleezy? I mean, You think


Me here. Apart from your photo’s allure…Lord and I apologize for such forwards thinking/observing…boom,boom…Here I am seaking coolness in ppersonality and experienced wisdom – need women readers to assure me, one way or the other that the writing actually could convince any one of them the story was truly penned y a new, female author.

Well, that’s the long and short of it….that and your photograph.




Brian Murphy


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