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February 1st Book Reviews

Just posted reviews of 10 books: Rebecca Cantrell's A Trace of Smoke, Joanne Dobson's Quieter Than Sleep, Charles Larson's Someone’s Death, Patrick F. McManus's The Blight Way, Bob Morris's Bahamarama, Sandra Parshall's The Heat of the Moon, Robert Rotenberg's Old City Hall, Kelli Stanley's City of Dragons, Richard Stark's The Man with the Getaway Face, and Charles Todd's A Duty to the Dead:… Continue

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September 1 Book Reviews

Ten new book reviews are now online at What We Are Reading:

Jeff Abbott's Trust Me, Susanne Alleyn's The Cavalier of the Apocalypse, Jefferson Bass's Carved in Bone, Lawrence Block's Burglars Can’t Be Choosers, Alan Bradley's The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Grace Brophy's The Last Enemy, Deborah Crombie's A Share in Death, Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas,… Continue

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Deadly Appraisal by Jane K. Cleland

Deadly Appraisal (2007 by Jane K. Cleland), the 2nd in the series, finds Josie Prescott, an antiques dealer in a small town in coastal New Hampshire, feeling good about the growth of her new business. Then a woman is poisoned at the gala Prescott Antiques is sponsoring to raise money for the local Women’s Guild. Everyone who had access to the poisoned wine is under suspicion, but the police suspect that… Continue

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The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen L. Carter

The Emperor of Ocean Park, by Stephen L. Carter, (2002) is the story of Talcott (Misha) Garland, an African American law professor at an Ivy League college, who is left a cryptic note from his father, Oliver Garland, upon his death, which just might have been a murder. The family has never quite recovered from the scandal that destroyed Judge Garland’s nomination to the…


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